About Wallace Printers

Wallace Printers was founded back in 1921 by Patrick Wallace, who later handed over the reigns to his son, Albert Wallace, after whom the present factory is named.

His son, David took control in 1982 and went on to become Chairman. David’s son Andrew is now the current Managing Director, making him the fourth generation of the Wallace family to be at the helm of the Company.
We have come a long way since then. The company is still completely family owned and has built a reputation on quality and reliability with multi-national and small businesses alike.

Wallace Printers offer everything to do with the production of print from graphic design, right the way through to the finished product on our wide range of equipment. This includes one, two, four and five colour litho presses. Be it business forms, continuous stationery, colour brochures, folders, magazines, calendars, leaflets, stationery and a multitude of other print items, all is produced under the watchful eye of our quality assurance system.

“We take pride in our product and assure you of the best attention at all times”